Private jet charter to Paris is very easy using Le Bourget airport. This is the only Paris airport dedicated to private jet airplanes. Orly and Charles de Gaulle can only be used if Le Bourget is not open. Private jet rental to Orly or Charles de Gaulle tends to be more expensive too. Le Bourget is classified as one of the best private jet airports in the world with full VIP installations.

Paris is not only the most popular tourist destination in the world but it is one of the most iconic and influential cities today. There are many excuses to travel to Paris, its streets, its monuments, museums and typical neighborhoods. You will want to come back to visit this city after seeing the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame, Opera Garnier, Palace of Versailles and maybe a show of Moulin Rouge in bohemian Montmartre. If you go with children Disneyland is also a good choice.

In addition, the city is not only known for its history but for the food that has been exported worldwide like foie gras, boeuf bourguignon, quiche, escargots and a variety of cheeses without forgetting the great wine.

Finally, the nightlife in Paris shows a variety of options, from live music to the most famous clubs like the legendary Baron or Regine’s. These are great ideas for the real night owl.