Hawker 750

The new Hawker 750 is designed to satisfy the private jet charter market’s need for a high-performance, ultra-comfortable light to midsize business jet.
A derivative of the famed Hawker 800-series airframe, the Hawker 750 refines its predecessor’s capabilities even further with the best range and payload performance in its class. Even more, the Hawker 750 features the highly successful Honeywell engines, a large cabin with internal and external baggage compartments, and state-of-the-art Collins Pro Line 21 avionics.

When you also consider that the aircraft offers proven reliability, outstanding value and predictable operating costs, you come to only one foregone conclusion: the new Hawker 750 is your best choice in the light-midsize market.


Max cruise speed (536 mph)    466 kt    (863 km/h)
Certified ceiling    41,000 ft    (12,497 m)
Max range    2,200 nm    (4074 km)

Engines — Honeywell
TFE-731-5BR    4660 lb    (20.7 kN)

Basic Operating Weight (with two crew at 200 lb each)    16,200 lb    (7348 kg)
Useful Load    10,750 lb    (4,876 kg)

Dimensions (External)
Wingspan    51ft 4 in    (15.65 m)
Max airplane length    51ft 2 in    (15.60 m)
Max tail height    18ft 1 in    (5.51 m)

Dimensions (Internal) Cabin
Length    21ft 4 in    (6.50 m)
Width    6ft 0 in    (1.83 m)
Height    5ft 9 in    (1.75 m)

External Baggage
Volume Capacity    32 cu ft    (0.91 cu m)
Weight Capacity    500 lb    (227 kg)