Bombardier Global Express XRS

The Bombardier Global Express XRS corporate jet is the most luxurious, most accomplished private jet ever built, accommodating the desires of the most demanding traveler with no compromises. Building on its Global Express heritage and raising the bar yet again, this extraordinary aircraft offers even greater cabin comfort, enhanced performance and further advanced technology for increased productivity and peace of mind.

No other aircraft in its class flies you faster, farther. Balancing comfort, speed and range in a way that maximizes each with agile brilliance, the Bombardier Global Express XRS corporate jet places you at the top of your game and the world in the palm of your hand.
•     Optimal luxury, privacy and amenities
•     A business tool of unsurpassed performance
•     Technology at the leading edge of corporate aviation

Ready to fly with only 30 minutes warning, no other intercontinental business aircraft takes you faster, farther than the Bombardier Global Express XRS. Flying at altitudes of up to 51,000 ft (15,545 m), this high performance aircraft has exceptional range, carrying eight passengers and a crew of four 5,450 nautical miles nonstop at Mach 0.87, 6,150 nautical miles nonstop at Mach 0.85 and 6,500 nautical miles nonstop at Mach 0.82 — bridging Tokyo and New York, or Moscow and Los Angeles, nonstop. Superb, short-field capabilities allow access to the most challenging airfields, saving valuable executive hours and getting you even closer to your destination.